In a nutshell...

… Packed to Live is a combination of media, including this website and our YouTube channel, dedicated to providing quality education on all things “outdoors.”

From hiking, camping, climbing and outdoor sports, to bushcraft and survival; Packed to Live aims to deliver useful advice, tricks, skills and detailed information on outdoor activities, as well as the equipment used in their pursuit.

We're not a business!

Packed to Live is not a business. We are not trading, we do not sell anything, and so we are not incorporated in any way. At least, not at the moment.

What we are, however, is a small (and growing) group of private individuals with similar and related interests, sharing media related to our interests for the benefit of anyone and everyone interested.

Since we are not a business, we conduct ourselves a little differently. For example, we do not provide a contact address because doing so is not necessary.

Our Beginnings

Packed to Live began back in 2010, with our editor-in-chief, Simon.

Simon, having spent a number of years homeless in England, travelling from woodland to woodland with nothing but the clothes on his back and scavenged items found along the way, subsisting on the fruits of bitter mistakes, realised that anyone could become homeless.

Regardless of your circumstances, the possibility of you becoming homeless, however unlikely it may seem, is never insignificant.

With Simon’s life having radically changed – in no small part through the work of a youth homeless charity, whom housed and reintroduced him to “society” – he began to think back over the great many instances during his time living rough where he’d made mistakes, as well as what basic supplies would have made the entire experience easier.

Simon sought outdoor survival knowledge, and began practising skills in his spare time, incorporating the shared knowledge of others into his own experience.

Along the way came the key realization: that living means more than just survival. This has become the Packed to Live motto, and drives the diversification of content beyond solely survival topics.

Having himself benefit from the shared knowledge of others, Simon decided that it would be a good idea to begin sharing his own with anyone interested to consume it.

So, in early 2011, Simon began an online survival community on a popular social network; sharing written articles, photography, and the occasional short video to further illustrate an idea or methodology.

Driven largely by requests from members of this community, Simon began producing longer and more detailed videos on survival and outdoor subjects. On January 4th 2013, the Packed to Live YouTube channel was born.

To date, our YouTube channel has more than 90 videos, with more than 500,000 views, and more than 2,500 subscribers. Modest numbers, but achieved organically with absolutely no form of “marketing” (or “spam,” as Simon often calls it) employed.

Moving Beyond YouTube

Video demonstrations are undoubtedly a brilliant way of sharing knowledge, however the video medium is not without its limitations.

As an example, while it is entirely possible to include a slideshow of photographs and illustrations within a video, the linear progression of a video is less than ideal for representing such things.

This, when combined with Simon’s love of writing detailed educational articles, led to the decision to combine the existing Packed to Live YouTube channel with the “Online Magazine” you’re now seeing.

Expanding to a magazine-style format does also present the need to introduce additional content creators beyond just our editor-in-chief. After all, more minds offer a broader range of knowledge and experience to share.

With this in mind, Simon began reaching out to other knowledgable and experienced people across the vast range of related topics comprising “all things outdoors.”

First to join the effort was Tim Little, a modern day toolmaker, bringing his knowledge and experience of the tool trade to share with the world.

A few others have thus far come aboard, with articles pending, and a couple of videos being prepared as well.

The effort to bring aboard others willing to share their diverse knowledge is ongoing, and where those with skills and a willingness to share them offer to lend their efforts, they shall be welcomed.

Going Forward

With our “Online Magazine” now up and running, our objectives remain much as they have always been: to share knowledge on all subjects related to the great outdoors.

Rather than centralizing efforts around the production of YouTube videos, efforts will now shift to producing comprehensive articles on a given subject, with videos produced to complement the article.

In a nutshell, we seek to learn more, to share more, and – most importantly – to live more.

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